caviar-dishEvidenza Gastronomy & Prestige has carefully selected French caviar from Sturia’s sturgeon fish farms, fed by springs and naturally healthy streams within the Gironde and Charente-Maritime regions of France. This preserved area offers ideal ponds to sturgeon who find wide spaces in which to develop, feed and grow peacefully.

From the freshness of a just-fished caviar to the power of a refined caviar, Evidenza Gastronomy & Prestige proposes a complete Sturia collection of custom-made caviar. Whether you prefer the large, firm roe of our selection Prestige Beluga, the anthracite eggs which roll in the mouth of our Vintage selection, or the smoothness of our Classic caviar, let us help you to choose your French and fabulous Sturia Caviar.




french-snail-caviarThe Perles de France are created in the Charente- Maritime, near Cognac. The precious pearls are collected and sorted each morning according to the quality of the eggs. The criteria are size, firmness, color and natural taste.

The delicate salting with Fleur de sel exalts the natural flavors of the Perle de France.

The white grains are then packaged into genuine caviar boxes.

The greatest care is given to the preparation of the Perles de France to ensure that professionals and connoisseurs of exceptional products never forget the experience of this original taste.



Recommended Use of Caviar